Marc’s Teaching Experience


I’m very passionate about teaching; I believe that Astrophysics is a great vehicle for teaching critical thinking and giving the public an appreciation for science. I’m interested in applying inquiry and active based teaching methods to improve science education.

I taught Introduction to Mechanics (Physics 1A) at the University of California, San Diego. I used the iClicker system and had an active teaching classroom using Think-Pair-Share (TPS) to engage the students and improve their learning and retention.

I was the lead designer for an inquiry activity on stellar populations. It is designed for high school seniors or college students. This inquiry is published in the proceedings of Learning from Inquiry in Practice: The PDP Community Interchange.

I have participated in multiple levels of CAE workshops on active teaching methods for astronomy survey courses and am interested in using these techniques in the classroom.

I am a graduate of the ISEE/CfAO Professional Development Program. Through this program, I was a guest lecturer for one week three times at various locations (see Curriculum Vitae).