Marc’s data and catalogs page


This page is dedicated to linking to data and catalogs from various scientific programs.

High Redshift ESI Quasar Spectra

This is the public data release (April 2015) for 87 ESI spectra of high redshift quasars obtained by Marc Rafelski, Arthur M. Wolfe, Xavier Prochaska, and Marcel Neeleman on the Keck Telescopes. Most of these QSOs contain high redshift DLAs, which you can find in Rafelski et al. 2012 and Rafelski et al. 2014.

The Ultraviolet Hubble Ultra Deep Field

This is the public data release for the UVUDF for the UVUDF image mosaics and catalogs obtained by Harry Teplitz, Marc Rafelski, and the UVUDF team. The images are available from MAST. Please use the v2.0 mosaics. An overview of the project describing the observations and science goals can be found in Teplitz, Rafelski, et al. 2013. The description of data calibrations and the galaxy catalogs can be found in Rafelski et al. 2015. The catalogs can be downloaded here. Download a color image of the UDF including the UV data here.